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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Back 4 Blood.

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Oh boy, another entry for the hall of “Thinly disguised remakes of games made by creators who don’t have the rights to the originals anymore.” And yes, it was a lot of work fitting all that on the plaque by the door. This time it’s Turtle Rock, the original creators of zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, bringing out their new zombie shooter, Back 4 Blood. Boy, that disguise is thin even by the usual standards, isn’t it. That’s like a uniformed policeman trying to go undercover by putting his hat on backwards. Valve it seems not being terribly interested in doing anything more with Left 4 Dead as it had kinda realised its full potential and Valve prefer to be innovators. Either that or they were all too busy playing that game where they fling a handful of cash at a stucco ceiling and place bets on how much of it will stick. But Turtle Rock were all like “What if, instead of Left 4 Dead making no more money, it instead made, some more money.” And thus was planted the seed of Back 4 Blood. The 4 in the name comes from there being 4 playable characters, you see. Which is a bit weird, since Back 4 Blood has 8 playable characters. Yeah, you can only have four playing at a time but if you’re into number puns there’s a lot you can do with 8.

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