This time I don’t have a whole lot to write about, so this is what you get. Sorry. So, to fill up space to make this appear to be as long as the previous intros, how about movies, huh? If you read this, give me a list of your favorite medieval movies, especially ones with awesome combat. I’m trying to make a list to watch. Valhalla Rising looks amazing, but I can’t find a copy of it anywhere even though it was released last year, supposedly. And the new Robin Hood movie looks great, because Gladiator was great. So we’ll see how that goes.

Sometimes when I get a comic, I don’t get the full thing. I’m given a preview of it, with the additional bonus that the preview isn’t available elsewhere.



I got the preview of Mesmo Delivery, a comic about truckers or something. I don’t know. All good, except I got it at the same time that I got several other comics. Since those comics weren’t about truckers, I (of course) wrote them up first. This is all a very long way to tell you that I’m about to review a preview that everyone has access to, of a comic that is currently available for purchase. And is about truckers.


So I don’t know a whole lot about truckers, having never been one, never having watched a movie about one and never having had any interest in them. I suppose they’re like the cowboys of the modern era – they go out for weeks at a time to move cargo from one place to another for subpar pay – except, like pretty much everything in the modern era, they’re much less interesting than cowboys.


In the ten pages of comic that I read, the truckers sit and talk. Well, on page ten the really big trucker entered a diner and looked ready for a fight, so I guess that was pretty cool, but I didn’t see the actual fight so it doesn’t count.


Now I usually don’t talk about this, but as I alluded to I don’t have a whole lot to work with here. Here goes nothing: I really liked the art. It’s a hyper-detailed style that still retains strong, clean outlines. The use of color was also good – the artist stuck to a washed-out, almost sepia tone with an intentional overuse of a vibrant red color. Overall, I’d say the art was well above average. It would have been even better IF SOMETHING HAD ACTUALLY HAPPENED.


Again, though, I only read the first ten pages. It’s very likely that a beatdown happens at some point in the comic. Maybe someone turns out to have magic powers.

I give this 10-page preview 3 out of 5 what the fuck is a Shazams. Mostly for the art.

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