Bananaman Movie Coming 2015 – Really


Teaser poster announces movie adaptation of classic UK comic-strip hero

DC Thomson and Elstree Studios have announced the production of a feature film based on the classic British comic-strip and cartoon hero Bananaman. Thus far only a sparse official website and the trending hashtag #PeelThePower have been revealed, along with a teaser poster.

Created in 1980 for humor magazine Nutty (later merged with The Dandy) by Dave Donaldson, Steve Bright and John Geering; Bananaman is a superhero whose origins and setup are most similar to Captain Marvel/Marvelman, in that the title character is secretly an ordinary schoolboy named Eric who becomes a super-powered costumed hero whenever he eats a banana. Occasionally, his powers and even physical form can differ based on the quantities or varieties of bananas he uses to trigger the transformation. He battles enemies who often parody existing comic book villains, such as Doctor Gloom, Skunk Woman and his own evil doppleganger Appleman.

The strip has run off and on in both The Dandy and Beano magazines continuing to this day, including a digital version. An animated series adaptation with voices by British comedy team The Goodies, launched in 1983, found success outside the UK in Australia, the U.S. and elsewhere. At this time, no further details on the film version (including whether it would be live-action or animated) have been made available, apart from a projected 2015 release date.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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