Bandai Namco Pulling iOS Tales of Phantasia, Making it Unplayable

Tales of Phantasia iOS

When Bandai Namco pulls the free-to-play iOS port of Tales of Phantasia, the app and all in-app purchase content will disappear.

Bandai Namco will pull the iOS version of Tales of Phantasia on August 28, making the game unusable at that point, after it launched the mobile version in January. Bandai Namco will cease the app’s distribution on July 29.

Tales of Phantasia is the first game in the Tales series. Originally released on the Super Famicom in Japan, it’s been released on various platforms over the past 19 years. The iOS version of Tales of Phantasia is free to play and supported by microtransactions. The story remains the same, but user complaints point to a system in the game that ramps up the difficulty in such a way that the game is difficult to finish without making in-app purchases.

Because the app requires players to be online to save their progress, once Bandai Namco pulls the app and all associated services, Tales of Phantasia on iOS will become unplayable.

In the termination notice, Bandai Namco stated, “We apologize sincerely to all of our customers for this inconvenience, and hope you continue to enjoy our products and services in the future.”

This is sad news for Tales of Phantasia fans. The only other official English version of the game released on the GameBoy Advance and had a poor translation; both the GBA and iOS versions have been poor rereleases for the series’ first game.

Source: iTunes via Touch Arcade

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