Tired of martinis and manhattans? Want a drink that speaks to you as a gamer? Well these might be just what you’re looking for.

Gamers. Witty, urbane and oh-so-stylish and what libations could be more appropriate for such a debonair assemblage then a finely mixed cocktail? But let’s face it, no ordinary cocktail is ‘l33t’ enough to pass the lips of a true gamer, which leaves us all in quite the pickle.

Recognizing this quandary, Offical Xbox Magazine teamed up with a leading cocktail bar to create drinks more suitable for today’s gamer. How does a Plasmid (pictured) sound, or perhaps a Spinning Pile Driver? Or if you like your cocktails to have slightly less appealing names, how about a Poison Arrow or a *retch* Boomer’s Bile?

All the recipes can be found here, although some of the drinks sound fairly unappealing, also please note that the Escapist does not condone, or even recommend drinking anything called Boomer’s Bile.

Source: via Kotaku

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