Baskets Still Work in Modern Day Skyrim


Skyrim 2012 shows that placing baskets on people’s heads and boisterous shop owners never go out of style.

Created by amateur filmmaker group Grosjean Brothers Productions, the live-action short film Skyrim 2012 brings a modern-day twist to Bethesda’s massive open-world RPG. Magic and technology co-exist, though stealing a gold purse or two and throwing fireballs at each other is still the best way to handle your problems.

Along with showing us that Whiterun’s citizens still awkwardly shuffle around and talk out loud to no one in particular, the fan video also has a handful of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cracks at other aspects of the game’s lore (check out the conversation options at 1:14 for one of them) and that several hundred years into the future, head-sized buckets are still the preferred way to mess with someone’s vision.

The Grosjean Brothers, John and Justin, have also put together several other short films, including a zombie-horror sequence, a Bourne Identity-style fight over proper door-buzzing etiquette and an amusing sketch where one of the brothers discovers he has super powers.

Source: Youtube

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