Assuming you’re using Google Chrome that is. Supergiant games have released their PC/XBLA hit Bastion on the Chrome Web Store.

Thanks to Google’s new “Native Client” tech, developers can release complex programs that run directly in the browser, and by ‘complex,’ I mean games that aren’t about chucking birds or cutting ropes.

You can download and try Bastion here, and assuming you didn’t buy it in yesterday’s Steam Sale (poor timing there, guys) pick it up for $14.99. From what I can tell, it runs perfectly, and there’s seemingly no difference between this version and the one on Steam, save the inclusion of a new easier difficulty setting. You can resume your game, saves and all, from any Chrome browser on any computer. It even works on Macs, which is fantastic given that current versions of the game are PC/XBLA only. The only downside is there’s no option to buy the game’s fantastic soundtrack.

We recently reported that Chrome just overtook Firefox as the second most popular browser, and with content like this it’s clear to see why. Bastion was one of the best indie games of the year, a particularly packed year at that, and there’s scarcely a single aspect of it that isn’t utterly pitch perfect. Now there’s no excuse for not trying it.

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