Batman Apparently Lives in Michigan


A man has been working in his home garage for the last five years building the Batmobile from The Dark Knight and it looks awesome.

Bob Dullam is a movie-prop artist who lives in Michigan. In his spare time, using only a chop saw, a reciprocating saw, a drill press, and a Mig welder, Dullam has recreated the “Tumbler” Batmobile from the rebooted Batman franchise directed by Christopher Nolan. Dullam researched movie stills and the DVDs of the films to get his recreation just perfect, all while laboring in his garage. He had never built a car before so the process took a lot of trial and error, but this Batmobile purrs just like the real thing.

“Every aspect of it was pulling a rabbit out of a hat,” Dullam said. “You have to mount the engine in reverse, so now you’ve got a transmission that’s pointing towards the front of the car, how are going to get a drive shaft to go underneath it and drive it in reverse?”

The Tumbler Batmobile is still a work in progress, and Dullam will now be focusing on recreating the interior. In fact, the project will probably never be complete. “It’s not there yet,” he said. “It may never be there unless I decide I’m tired of the whole thing. It’s an ongoing experiment.”

Keep it up, Bob. Expect to get a call from Wayne Industries in the near future.

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