Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Gets “New Management”


A new trailer gives gamers a first look into Batman: Arkham Origins Blackate’s story, gameplay and villains.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate hasn’t been getting the spotlight quite as much as it big console brother. That said, its concept, Batman dropped into a Metroidvania platformer taking place in Blackgate prison, is one we suspect a lot of gamers can get behind. Now, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, has released a trailer showing off both the setup for the game’s story as well as some segments demonstrating the game in action.

The “New Management” trailer begins with some nifty looking hand drawn cinematics featuring the Dark Knight and Commissioner Gordon discussing a hostage situation at the titular prison. Their conversation gives the trailer a good opportunity to show off some of the baddies players will encounter, including Black Skull, the Joker, and Solomon Grundy. The rest of the trailer is pretty much devoted to showing off Batman running, jumping, gliding and fighting his way through the game’s 2.5D environments.

Despite the change in perspective, Blackgate looks like it’s doing a fair job of implementing a lot of features from the series’ console entries. The melee combat looks very similar to what we’ve seen from its large-screened kin, with Batman dodging and attacking based on his opponents rhythms. Likewise, it shows off a few welcome bits where Batman employs his trademark devices and stealth to execute environmental and sneak takedowns on his foes. Put shortly, the trailer makes the game look like we something we want to play. Assuming everything goes well, Blackgate should be a welcome addition to the 3DS and Vita libraries come October.

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