Batman: Arkham City‘s latest teaser shows off a bothered Batman and an organized enemy.

A brand new Batman: Arkham City trailer debuted on MSN Games today, a few days ahead of a more official reveal at the Spike TV VGAs on December 11. While it’s incredibly short, it seems to hint that the super villain hunter has now become the hunted.

It opens with a member of a well-equipped attack squad telling someone that his team thought it had trapped Batman “trapped.” It then shows what happens when you think this, with Batman swooping in and uppercutting the team in the face.

It’s not much to go on, but combined with the other elements revealed from Arkham City the teaser points to a tough situation for Batman in the game. Arkham City takes place in an enclosed portion of Gotham City which the mayor uses as a prison instead of the overflowing Arkham Asylum or other incarceration facilities. The area is run by a mercenary group called Tyger that presumably keeps everything in order.

Batman has to enter Arkham City to take care of a situation involving Two-Face and Catwoman, but he could end up trapped between a two-faced rock and a mercenary hard place. According to what we see in this new trailer, Batman might have to face both the criminals inside of Arkham City along with the forces of Tyger. With both an orthodox and unorthodox group of foes, it looks like Batman is in two heaps of trouble in Arkham City. More information is likely to be revealed at the VGAs.

On another note, the CGI is top-notch here, so Rocksteady must be upping its game to outdo previous effort Batman: Arkham Asylum. Batman’s rain-soaked, annoyed face at the end of the trailer definitely looks great from a technical standpoint. Arkham City is scheduled for release in fall 2011.

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