Jets and helicopters are making a comeback in Battlefield 3, as is fighting at night.

A leaked teaser trailer for Battlefield 3 has revealed when we can look forward to playing it, albeit in the most general terms possible. The game – which is the first entry in the main Battlefield series in six years – is coming this Fall, although exactly when is anyone’s guess right now.

The trailer – which is now available on the official EA site – was apparently put up on YouTube a little too early by EA Russia. It shows a nighttime battle in an unspecified warzone, with a lot of gunfire and infantry movement and a helicopter destroyed by a jet. Over the top of it all is the opening drum beat from the Battlefield theme, rendered into a sort of static buzz.

There aren’t a lot of other details to be gleaned from the trailer, but Game Informer – which has a cover story on the game in its March issue – revealed a few tidbits. Jets and the ability to go prone will make a comeback, and PC players can look forward to 64 player maps in the multiplayer. Unfortunately, that’s all the magazine was willing to share. We do know that the game will have destructible terrain, however, after DICE sneakily confirmed it in the description for a talk that Kenny Magnusson is giving at GDC next month.

Battlefield 2 was a lot of fun to play, especially with friends, and if DICE is able to deliver a similar experience but with updated technology and gameplay, it’s going to make a lot of people very happy. With the studio now focusing all its efforts on the game, it seems like the odds of that happening are getting more favorable all the time.

Battlefield 3 is coming for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this Fall.

Source: VG247

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