Battlefield 3‘s Sneakiest Easter Egg Features Hostile Developer


Is there a hostile Goldfarb in your area? Better watch it!

It’s been years – YEARS, I tell you – since the release of Battlefield 3, yet there are still secrets to be found if you care to look hard enough. YouTube detective Jackfrags spent hours listening to audio files and he still hasn’t encountered this one in the wild, but he does know what it is: the infamous and terrifying hostile Goldfarb. It’s a voice message only heard under certain very specific circumstances, and – when triggered – the powers that be warn you that DICE level designer and writer David Goldfarb is somewhere nearby. Want to know how it’s done? Have a look at Jackfrags’ results.

Jackfrags gave up looking for the egg online as soon as he realized he could be spending days on the server for a so-very-small chance of finding it. Going through 32 GB worth of audio isn’t many people’s idea of fun, but in the end that was what Jackfrags had to do, after getting a few hints from voice over man Thomas Danke. It’s maybe a 1 in 2000 chance of hearing it in the wild, so if you’re really keen, it can be done, but don’t expect to get it in a hurry.

But for the lucky few, the hostile Goldfarb is waiting. Waiting! Somewhere out there …

Source: Eurogamer

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