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Bayonetta 3 Launches This October, Delivering a Whole ‘Coven of Bayonettas’

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We haven’t heard much about Bayonetta 3 since a 2021 Nintendo Direct. Besides the sick gameplay trailer shown off then, as well as the news the game was launching this year, it had been radio silence from Nintendo and PlatinumGames. This morning, all of that has changed. Bayonetta 3 now has an official release date of October 28, 2022 on Nintendo Switch, with a new trailer and plenty of new story and gameplay details — including a “coven of Bayonettas.” Additionally, the original Bayonetta is coming physically to Switch this September.

Yes, that is Phantom from Devil May Cry in the trailer and a perfect recreation of the scene where he meets Dante. Other than that, there’s a lot of stuff to digest. The gameplay looks way smoother than it did during the Direct, so that’s a plus. Enzo, Jeanne, Luka, and Rodin all make an appearance, as well as literally more Bayonetta. There will be “a veritable coven of Bayonettas, each more fabulous than the last,” who will fight “through the streets of Tokyo, the mountains of China and beyond!” This is an alliance that has been crafted to save the world.

There is also a new playable character named Viola, a witch trainee who fights with a sword and a demon named Cheshire. Plot-wise, you’ll be fighting man-made bioweapons called Homunculi. Pretty bonkers, but that’s the Bayonetta series for you. There is also a new “Naive Angel Mode” to remove nudity during special attacks and make you feel less embarrassed about playing when family walks in.

You can preorder Bayonetta 3 now for $59.99 ahead of its October release date. However, there will also be a fancy physical Trinity Masquerade Edition, complete with artwork and special game sleeves. In North America, it will be available at select retailers and at the My Nintendo Store. Nintendo UK has a preview below.

Lastly, the original Bayonetta will launch physically in limited quantities on Nintendo Switch on September 30, 2022, retailing for $29.99. This means the whole trilogy will be available physically on Switch.

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