If you’ve always wanted to play Bayonetta on PC, you can grab the game on Steam starting today.

Platinum Games is bringing Bayonetta to the PC today, with 4K support and a number of newly added advanced graphics options. The official announcement was expected later today, but the news showed up early on Engadget.

There has been much speculation since April Fool’s Day when Platinum teased its fans with a free 8-bit version of Bayonetta. The achievements for that game pointed fans to a teaser site with a countdown that ended today with the announcement of the PC version.

It’s not just a straight port, as the version now for sale on Steam offers support for 4K resolutions, as well as a number of additional graphics options. Those include texture quality, texture filtering, anti-aliasing, shadow quality, SSAO quality, and HDR. Sega’s press release says that you can “Experience the over-the-top stylish action in 60 FPS, at unlocked HD resolutions.”

If you buy the PC version between now and April 25, you’ll get the Digital Deluxe Edition at no additional cost. That version of the game comes along with a five track soundtrack sampler, a digital artbook, wallpapers and avatars. You’ll also get both English and Japanese voice overs and subtitles.

Gamers are still holding out hope for a third game in the Bayonetta series, but there’s been no word on whether or not that might happen. You can pick up the PC version of Bayonetta on Steam for $19.99.

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