BBC Summons Up The Fades As Its Newest Show


The BBC’s newest show is a supernatural drama about teens trying to prevent ghosts from destroying the world.

The BBC is making some serious efforts to expand its original programming, thanks in large part to the popularity that the network has enjoyed of late. Earlier this year, BBC America indicated that it would make some big investments to develop new shows, and the first such payoff is a new series called The Fades, which can be best described as The Dead Zone meets The Sixth Sense.

Here’s the basic summary of The Fades:

The show follows a British teenager named Paul who has visions of a terrifying apocalypse. His therapist, best friend and sister are helpless to assist him as his delusions continue to invade his life. Paul begins to see spirits (the titular Fades) that no one else notices. When one of the Fades crosses over into the “real” world and becomes human, Paul and his companions must find a way to stop the rest of them from destroying the world.

The show’s got some pretty big talent involved with it. It’s going to be written by Jack Thorn (who wrote the acclaimed show Skins; the U.K. version, not the crap MTV version) and is being produced by Susan Hogg (known for her work with The Walking Dead). Paul is going to be played by Iain De Caestecker, who already has a number of roles under his belt. Meanwhile, Skins veterans Daniel Kaluuya and Lily Loveless will be playing Paul’s best friend and sister.

The show is set to air in the Fall. The first season is set feature six one-hour episodes for its first season, which is pretty typical of BBC shows. At the moment, it’s not certain if The Fades is going to receive a simultaneous premiere here in the States and the U.K., though it’s not an unreasonable assumption given how this is a joint venture between the BBC and BBC America.

Source: Screen Rant

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