Be a Slice of Bread in the Next Game by Surgeon Simulator Developer


Are you bready for I Am Bread from the team behind Surgeon Simulator?

Bossa Studios, the team behind Surgeon Simulator proudly proclaimed on Twitter today, “LOOK WHAT WE MADE!” Featured in a link to YouTube was an image of a slice of bread.

I Am Bread is the latest game from Bossa Studios. Created in a game jam, I Am Bread lets players experience the life of a slice of bread in its “epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted.” Players move the bread with different triggers and buttons of the controller in what appears to be a challenging control scheme similar to Octodad.

The trailer shows bars for edibility and deliciousness. Players control the slice of bread and try to increase its deliciousness on the way to being toasted. It’s a big journey for one slice of toast, and that can include exploring a toilet, flinging itself from a ceiling fan, and climbing walls.

Bossa Studios has not released any information about the game other than a trailer. The developer first gave a sneak peek last month in a Vine of a piece of bread attempting to climb a wall.

Source: Bossa Studios (Twitter)

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