In the first of a series of six videos, Atlus shows off the surgery portion of its medical focused multi-profession title Trauma Team.

Atlus’s first foray into the surgery-game field was Trauma Center, a Nintendo DS title that spawned a sequel and also made its way to the Wii. Now, the series has evolved into another Wii title called Trauma Team, which not only covers surgery but five other disciplines. Though the fields other than surgery might be the most intriguing, for now we’ll have to be happy with Atlus’s new gameplay video of the surgery portion.

The annoying timer from Trauma Center is gone, and Trauma Team also has brand new graphics and visual indicators to help players out. Hospital life is naturally filled with drama already, but the Trauma series has always found a way to add even more. You don’t play as a regular old surgeon in Trauma Team, you play as a criminal convicted of a terrible crime known only as CR-S01 (who also wears a funny helmet) that is brought out of jail to perform surgery again for an unknown reason.

Don’t forget, this is just one of six gameplay types that will be included in Trauma Team. You will also play as a diagnostician, E.M.T., orthopedic surgeon, endoscopic technician, and forensic examiner. Only in a Trauma game can you be a badass while scoping someone’s lower intestine. Some of these I am looking forward to more than surgery, just to see how Atlus has made them different from the procedures we’ve already done in Trauma Center. Susan Arendt already saw endoscopy, and has her impressions here.

My propensity towards these Atlus titles may come from playing Life & Death as a youth. That’s right, there were surgery games on the market long before the Trauma series. “Playing” in Life & Death‘s case for me basically meant trying to figure out what was wrong with patients by poking their eyes out with needles and making them scream in pain. Yes, you could do that, but I sadly doubt it’ll also be possible in Trauma Team, coming to the Wii on April 20, 2010 for $49.99.

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