Expert modder Ben Heck(endorn) takes great gaming devices, rips them all to hell, and then rebuilds them into functioning works of art. His sexy new Xbox 360 Portable is another one for the books.

Commissioned as a one-of-a-kind project for some lucky bastard, the extremely chic Xbox 360 Portable has drool-inducing potential and improves greatly on Heck’s previous Xbox 360 Laptop designs. Heck notes his Xbox 360 Portable makes more sense than past iterations of the Xbox 360 Laptop, since those custom devices weigh more than his sister’s kitty. And that’s a big damn (adorable) cat.

Aside from looking slick, the Xbox 360 Portable has a removable standard Xbox 360 hard drive to allow for quick data swapping, accessible memory card slots, a sleek, minimalistic button layout, and an internal wi-fi module. I’d sure love to keep one in my trunk, so I can plunk it down, plug it in, and get some on-the-go instant gaming action.

Hacking gaming consoles is a fun hobby for some, but Heck approaches the task like a sculptor attacks a solid block of stone. He has a vision, and it’s pretty awesome. My personal favorite is the fully functioning computer he built out of an empty case of Miller Genuine Draft. Talk about style.

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