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Best Glitches and Errors in Redfall


Redfall’s launch has been quite something, to put it politely. Aside from it not featuring a console performance mode, players have run into some odd glitches and errors. These range from low resolution textures to enemies who behave in an odd manner, even for vampires. We’ve rounded up some of the best (or at least the most entertaining) glitches and errors in Redfall.

Some Of The Strange Glitches Redfall Players Have Encountered.

The good news is that most of these bugs aren’t game breaking, they’re just weird and, in some cases, very, very funny. Yes, they’re strange even for a game that has vampires in it. So sit back and feast your eyes on these oddities.

Slipping Slayers
(spotted by MarkFunk)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer may have given us a musical episode, but Redfall delivers vampire killers on ice. This is the most common glitch people have run into and it’s ridiculous to behold.

Two Revs. Are Better Than One
(spotted by
Jay Gordy)
It’s a little disappointing that crosses won’t work on Redfall’s vampires because the Reverend Eva Crescente and her clone would surely clean up.

Climbing the Walls
(spotted by
Redfall isn’t as parkour heavy as Dying Light, but you can still clamber onto ledges. In this case, one player has found a way to glitch through solid surfaces.

The Scary Door
(spotted by us)
This may not be as dramatic as glitching through plasterwork, yet it definitely gives us the chills. This closed door looks normal in torchlight but turn your torch off and it turns into a sinister black void.Best Glitches and Errors in Redfall - The Scary Door

Bored Bloodsuckers
(spotted by
The vampire in this clip has decided they’re done with chasing people around, getting shot for their troubles. Instead, they just float around the player, utterly indifferent.

Useless Sniper Scope
(spotted by Enderprize)
When is a sniper scope not a sniper scope? When you can’t see a thing through it. Despite this flaw, Enderprize manages to pull off a kill or three.

The Low Effort Logo
(spotted by Superflyt56)
Redfall’s Fire Station does feature high-definition art, but the game has offered up a brain-bendingly awful low-texture logo here. The proper, high-res texture may pop in eventually, but with vampires taking over the island, who has time to wait?

How do textures look this bad in a Series X game in 2023?
by u/Superflyt56 in redfall

Floating Cutists
(spotted by
The Lovable Protagonist)
Redfall’s vampire worshippers are called Hollow Men Cultists because they float. At least, that’s the best explanation we can come up with for this glitch that sees one stranded and flailing in mid-air.

The Ladder of Doom
(spotted by
Susanah Grace)
Think the vampires are bad? Going by this clip, Redfall’s ladders are entirely evil, capable of contorting you into some very weird positions. Someone should call the SCP Foundation.

(spotted by
The SyphroJ Experience)
Redfall heard you like guns so it put a gun in your gun. A few people have run into this glitch that has you looking through a gun’s scope at your gun. It makes our brains hurt just thinking about it.

We’d expect developer Arkane Austin to squash some of these bugs and, hopefully, all of them eventually. But for now, if you go vampire hunting you could be in for a glitchy time. 

Those are some of the best glitches and errors in Redfall we’ve been able to find from across the internet. Let us know if you have any favorites.

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