This week is The Escapist‘s Best Of issue. I think it’s comparable to J.J. Abrams new Star Trek movie. Or perhaps I’m just forcing the comparison because I happen to have recently seen the movie and enjoyed it quite a bit. In either case, the new Star Trek movie, like The Escapist‘s Best Of issue, involves looking back at an enormous amount of material, picking out the best bits and putting it all together in a beguiling package for the viewer’s enjoyment. We’re doing the same thing this week (minus the clever continuity-preserving plot devices).

This week’s Best Of issue can really be characterized by its eclecticism, which has always been my favorite part of The Escapist. There are plenty of big issues that get addressed on a daily basis by game journalists and on an hourly basis by forumgoers. But as this week’s issue illustrates, tackling them head on isn’t always the most interesting tact. It’s when we look at them through different perspectives, when we address them indirectly, that we often find the most meaning.

Our articles this week address a lot of big issues through seemingly innocuous starting points, like the way Japanese robots look and a grandmother’s quiet reaction to a videogame. And, of course, we feature the unique perspectives that we take great pride in. After all, who better to talk about piracy than a person who lives in a country whose entire gamer culture depends on it?

Many of you have probably already read these articles, but I thought I’d already seen Star Trek, too. Turns out it was worth seeing once again. So step aboard the U.S.S. Escapist and read the old as if it was new again.

Tom Endo

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