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Merry Christmas! And to those of you who might not celebrate Christmas, I mean no offense, I simply mean to share with you the joy and spirit of the holiday I hold dear.

You see, this holiday is about being with friends and family, and giving to and sharing with those people who make our lives so special. Many travel long distances, spend lots of money just to be with those special ones in this holiday season.

We are no different. Team Humidor and our fabulous artists and tech team extraordinaire are scattering to the winds this week to spend time with our families and old friends. As such, we’ve given the team a little bit of a break this week.

But we didn’t want to leave you, our Dear Readers, with nothing during this time of giving. And so, before we all packed our bags and boarded our planes, we searched through our archives for our favorite articles over the past few months. We pulled them off the “shelf”, dusted them off, and tied them up in the pretty package of this week’s issue of The Escapist. So, grab some cocoa and a warm blanket (or a lemonade for you Aussies) and relax into some great articles you may have missed the first time through.

Cheers and happy holidays!

Julianne Greer

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