Beta Testing Begins For New Traveller Core Rulebook


Mongoose Publishing brings out a beta for its revised Traveller core rulebook, and its available now for $20.

I spent a lot of time playing Traveller as a teen, when the tabletop RPG first appeared from Game Designer’s Workshop in 1977. Since that time, there have been numerous iterations of the game, from a GURPS version to a Hero version. But through it all, the core Traveller experience continued.

Now, Mongoosing Publishing, which created Mongoose Traveller in 2008, has released a beta for it’s new Core Rulebook after years of “tweaking, adjusting and listening to the thousands of players who have traveled the universe of the far future,” according to the company blog. The beta book, available for $20 through DrivethruRPG offers fans a chance to plytest the new ruleset before the book is officially released some time early next year.

For your $20, Mongoose is offering:

  • The Beta Playtest Core Rulebook, laid out sans artwork in PDF format.
  • A free copy of the adventure High and Dry, written by fan favorite Martin Dougherty. It is a revised edition of the original Type-S scenario, fully updated to the new Traveller in both rules and format.
  • Access to draft documents (in Word format) of the ‘core set’ of Traveller rule books – High Guard, Central Supply Catalogue, Vehicle Handbook, and the Traveller Companion, plus the chance to comment upon them.
  • A $20 voucher to be redeemed against the final Core Rulebook when it is finally released.

Playetesters may get other goodies throughout the playtest period “if all goes well.”

You can get a more in-depth look at the rules and changes on the official site. Now excuse me while I go drop $20 and put a call out to my mercenary team.

This is Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone…
Mayday, Mayday…We are under attack…
Main drive is gone…Turret number one not responding…
Mayday…Losing cabin pressure fast calling anyone…
Please help…This is Free Trader Beowulf…


Source: Mongoose Publishing

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