Bethany. Chet. Roger. You Decide Who Will Die in an Upcoming Game Dogs Episode!



The hand of fate looms over three characters from Game Dogs. It is up to you, The Escapist community, to decide which one perishes in an upcoming episode. Ready … aim … FIRE!

Bethany. Chet. Roger. With only a shotgun and a steady hand to guide you, your shot will determine which of these game dogs never lives to chew on its next bone.

Bethany, Chet, and Roger are co-workers at Electro Software, a videogame development company that has just released its hit, Satan’s Retrievers. They are also dogs with a knack for driving their boss crazy. Chet has never met an idea he didn’t like. Dubbed the “Idea Dog,” he prefers to come up with the grand slams and then let everyone else do the work. Roger is the uber nerdy programmer who has had a run-in with the law, having written a bit of code that automatically invested Electro Software customers’ tax returns into the stock market. Bethany, the office artist, is the typical creative type, prone to outbursts of physical violence and saying the word “sigh” instead of just sighing. They each have clear faults, but which of them most deserves to be sent to that Great Kennel in the Sky? That’s entirely up to you. If you need to gather more information to make your choice, check them out in Game Dogs.

Once you’ve made your choice, head down to the shooting range and get all three Electro Software employees in your sights. This determines who lives or dies, so make sure every shot counts. To begin the barrage of bullets, click here.

May the Hand of Fate guide you.

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