Bethesda Announces Final Oblivion DLC


Bethesda Softworks has announced Fighter’s Stronghold, the final downloadable content for the epic roleplaying game Oblivion, and they’re giving it away.

Fighter’s Stronghold will be available to PC owners at, while Xbox 360 gamers can pick it up via Xbox Live. The add-on gives players possession of Battlehorn Castle, located west of Chorrol in the Colovian Highlands, which includes a dining hall, barracks, wine cellar, training room and a private shrine to Julianos. Furnishings and decorations throughout the castle can be updated, and an ancient Dwemer forge that will boost armorer skill levels is also available.

Fighter’s Stronghold is the last of four class-based lairs for Oblivion, which include the Vile Lair, Thieves Den and Wizard’s Tower. The castle will include hidden passages and “dark secrets” to be explored, and even give players their own personal goon squad named the Knights of the True Horn.

More information is available at the Elder Scrolls website. Fighter’s Stronghold will be available on Monday, October 15, and will be available free of charge for one week.

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