Bethesda Softworks has announced the official release date of The Pitt, the second downloadable expansion for the hit RPG Fallout 3.

The Pitt will begin with an encounter with an escaped slave who claims that slavers in the ruined city have discovered a cure for mutation. From there, players will have to gain entry to The Pitt and decide how they’re going to approach the various denizens and quests waiting inside.

The game will introduce new weapons and other items as well as all-new Perks and Achievements, and promises a return to the more “traditional” style of choice-driven, morally ambiguous Fallout gameplay that was set aside in favor of the combat-oriented action of the first DLC, Operation: Anchorage.

The Pitt will be released for the PC and Xbox 360 on March 24 and will be available for 800 Microsoft points ($10). To learn more, check out The Escapist’s hands-on preview or head over to the official Fallout 3 website, where a handful of new screenshots have been posted.

Source: Eurogamer

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