Bethesda Confirms Yet Another Fallout 4 Hoax


Bethesda rubs hemorrhoid cream on one more Fallout 4 hoax.

These Fallout 4 hoaxes are really starting to pile up. None of them quite compare to that Survivor2299 debacle, but they’re getting old nonetheless. If the folks at Bethesda actually decide to announce Fallout 4, no one is going to believe them. Either way, another annoying hoax cropped up over the weekend, but Bethesda quickly decapitated the story.

Last week, several gamers received an email that was allegedly sent from Bethesda. The message teased an announcement that would be made on “12.01.2014,” the European formatting for January 12th. However, even though the email was addressed from [email protected], and the image used a Fallout-like font, Bethesda had nothing to do with the email.

“This is another fan hoax,” tweeted a Bethesda representative. “We are not announcing games from our merchandise store.” Pete Hines, Bethesda’s vice president of PR and marketing, echoed the statement from his personal Twitter account. “We don’t announce or tease our games thru emails from our store,” he said.

From now on, it would probably be best to assume that Bethesda isn’t doing any kind of covert marketing for Fallout 4. Last month’s leaked casting documents are the most tangible pieces of evidence that that we’ve seen for the game’s existence, and even those should be viewed with heavy skepticism.

Source: Reddit, Twitter

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