With performance issues being reported for Dishonored 2 on PC, Bethesda offers a few suggestions.

After Dishonored 2 launched for pre-order customers yesterday, players on PC reported running into performance issues. The game’s Steam page is filled with reviews citing the problems even those with pretty powerful rigs are encountering. Arkane has said they’re looking into the issues, but for now, Bethesda offers up a few suggestions that might help your game run better.

The suggestions come from an updated post on Most of them are the things you’d expect, like lowering the resolution, but it’s worth giving them a try if you’re having problems.

General recommendations

  • Avoid using Alt-Tab when playing. Relaunch the game if you see performance dropping after using Alt-tab.
  • Avoid having background applications running in addition to the game.

Video Settings

  • If you have performance issues, try lowering the resolution.
    • Use 1440p resolution only if you have a very high-end GPU ( GTX 1070/1080 or equivalent)

  • Keep the V-Sync activated, especially if you have large framerate fluctuations.
  • If you have framerate under 30 fps, adjust the “Adaptive Resolution” between minimum (50%) and default value (75%).

Advanced Settings

  • Use the “Auto” presets: this should adjust your visual settings without impacting your framerate.
  • If you still have performance issues with “Auto” presets:
    • Try deactivating the “TXAA Anti-Aliasing”
    • Try lowering the texture details

These suggestions may seem basic, but in many cases, they can help at least improve performance. They may not fix all your issues, but until Arkane issues a patch to address them, these steps may be an effective stopgap. Hopefully, that patch will come soon.

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