Fallout 3 Executive Producer Todd Howard says Bethesda has looked into ways to bring the post-nuclear RPG series to mobile phones but while some aspects of the game translate well, the company hasn’t yet found a way to do the whole thing justice.

“I think that the world of Fallout is unique enough that it could work on any platform. I think some of the things we do like VATS, I think that could translate to any platform, particularly the iPhone,” Howard told Joystiq. “We’ve looked into those things, we just haven’t found the thing that supports the brand well.”

But despite the difficulties, Bethesda apparently isn’t giving up on the idea. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen one day,” he continued. “The iPhone versions that we’ve designed and said ‘Ehh, we don’t think we’re going to do that right now,’ there are… There are a lot of them.”

Personally, I’d be happy with some bare-bones dungeon exploration and a VATS simulator. Slow-motion exploding skulls on my mobile? I’d buy that for a dollar.

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