The third and final Bethesda video teaser is here, and it makes just as much sense as the first two.

For your viewing pleasure this morning, I bring you six more seconds of inscrutable video nonsense courtesy of Bethesda, which has promised in writing that this third Vine teaser of God-knows-what will also be the last. The mystery will be revealed tomorrow, April 19, which means that if you want to prove how smart you are to friends, relatives and strangers on the internet, you better get a move on.

Not that this clip is likely to be much help, but let’s take a look. It’s a big window with a round, glowing electric light immediately to its right near the top, and some guy sticking his bedhead into the frame. The audio remains the same as the previous two videos, and may very well just be the result of a busted mic that nobody’s noticed. And that would be it.

Some interesting ideas about what this could be leading to have been tossed around, including a new Fallout game – not Fallout 4, as Bethesda VP Pete Hines said following the first video, but Fallout “Something” – a new Wolfenstein game, a new STALKER title, Team Fortress 3, the next Nine Inch Nails video and of course Zwei. I’m keeping my nickel on Prey 2 – not that I necessarily believe that’s what it is (I believe!) but somebody has to keep that torch burning.

Source: Vine

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