Bethesda’s MMOG


Matt Firor’s next MMOG will come from Bethesda Softwork’s parent company, ZeniMax. Firor has been making MMOGs for over 10 years, most notably as the producer of Mythic’s Dark Age of Camelot. Now he’ll be heading up the newly announced ZeniMax Online Studios.

Firor is pleased with the move. “I am extremely impressed with ZeniMax and Bethesda Softworks management – their development philosophy closely matches my own, with an emphasis on quality, innovation and craftsmanship. I am eager to get back to what I love – the development of cutting edge MMOG titles.”

Besides his considerable MMOG experience, Firor has 17 years experience in the industry, had lectured on game development at the University of Virginia and MIT, and writes regular articles for Game Developer magazine and Onplayer, a Korean gaming magazine.

James Leder, COO of ZeniMax Media said, “We are excited about the opportunities we have in the online gaming space and felt that Matt is the perfect person to lead this effort. There are relatively few people who have the actual experience and knowledge that comes from having created a successful MMO, and Matt is the real deal. We feel fortunate to have him join our group.”

Zenimax currently owns the rights to the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.

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