Wanna bet which game will be the number one seller over Christmas? Paddy Power is giving odds.

Paddy Power, an Irish online bookmaker, has opened betting on which videogame will be the U.K.’s top seller over the 2008 Christmas season. Leading the way at press time is Call of Duty: World at War at 5-2, followed by FIFA Soccer 09 at 4-1 and Need For Speed Undercover, with 5-1 odds. Interestingly, Guitar Hero World Tour is down the list a bit, at 12-1, while Rock Band 2, dragged down by recent reports of significantly slowing sales, is an outside runner at 20-1.

Feel like rolling the dice a little? Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe will get you 50-1 odds, as will betting on a holiday resurgence for Grand Theft Auto IV. Movie games Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Lightsaber Duels and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa are both coming in at 150-1 longshots, along with the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King, which I have to admit I find a bit surprising. Risk-takers on a hot streak might find something to like in Resident Evil Zero, a 250-1 horse that’s so dark it’s practically invisible.

Based in Dublin, Paddy Power is Ireland’s largest bookmaker, giving odds on everything from conventional sports events to the U.S. Presidential election, Russell Brand’s next job, whether or not God actually exists and, at 500-1, whether Russell Brand actually is God. People who live in silly countries where online gambling is illegal (but assault weapon ownership isn’t) can’t get a piece of this action, but the rest of the world can pick their ponies here.

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