Beyond Unreal – Check Out These Insane Unreal Engine 4 Scenes


This forum user is making some very real Unreal Engine 4 environments.

Unreal Engine 4 is an extremely popular current generation game engine that utilizes some of the latest graphics rendering techniques available today, and is to be used in dozens of upcoming titles. It is also being used by quite a few hobbyists.

User Koola on the forums for Unreal Engine 4 has been posting some of his custom work using the engine, and the images certainly emphasize the “unreal” in Unreal Engine 4.

In addition to the images, Koola uploads videos showing light, reflections, and characters navigating the environment. These scenes are just as impressive in motion. Take a look!

While there’s certainly hope that games one day could look this, well, unreal, remember that these scenes don’t include any massive environments, fights, or explosions to tax the machine. But it’s nice to dream.

For more from Koola, you can check out his Flickr page here.

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