The mystery of Kojima Productions’ next game just got a whole lot clearer, and yet, at the same time, somehow even more confusing.

End the speculation that Kojima Productions’ next game is going be a duck-riding sim or Zone of the Enders 3. It could be – Kojima is one crazy dude, but, judging from the latest and to date most substantial update to the developer’s teaser site, 7-11 was right. This is going to be another Metal Gear Solid game.

Don’t bother hurting your eyes (or brain) looking at the site – all you need to see is the picture to the right. That looks to be Big Boss, the original soldier whose genes provided the DNA for Solid and Liquid Snake, and the star of Metal Gear Solid 3 and Portable Ops. The eye patch, the beret, the gritty expression and facial hair – this has got to be Big Boss, right? Right?

Well then someone explain to me how Big Boss – who was in his prime decades before the events of Metal Gear Solid 2 and an old man by Metal Gear Solid 4 – is in the same game as Raiden. That’s right, Raiden is apparently in this game too. Scans of the Famitsu issue that reveal Kojima’s new game leaked online just hours ago, revealing a portrait of Raiden’s face behind a timer. He’ll presumably be the next thing to show up on the teaser site. Raiden’s not exactly looking like his glamorous self – he’s wearing a bandage over his eye, has thinning hair, and looks generally peeved. Guess he took some hints from Big Boss.

So what, a game with both MGS4 Raiden and Big Boss? How is that even possible? Sure they were alive at the same time at some point, but Big Boss was in his autumn years by then. And what of this emblem on Big Boss’ beret? Is Kojima going to pull a Lost and have a game with flashbacks and flashforwards, and complicate the Metal Gear mythos even more with some wacky multiple timeline nonsense? Or maybe Raiden travels back in time! Two games, maybe? If you guys have an answer, please share. Because I don’t even know, man. I don’t even know.

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