The actor is hesitant to return to the franchise after the lackluster second installment.

The revelation that there was an honest-to-goodness script for Ghostbusters 3 was decidedly good news for fans of the franchise. Unfortunately, star Bill Murray – who played Dr. Peter Venkman – hasn’t got round to reading it yet, and probably won’t in the foreseeable future.

Speaking on the Howard Stern radio show, Murray said that the script for the movie was on his desk, and had been for a while. He said that he wasn’t deliberately ignoring it, but that it wasn’t at the forefront of his mind. He said that he felt bad for having not read it, adding that he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and that he felt that he owed it to director Ivan Reitman to do the movie.

Murray said that part of the reason he hadn’t read the script was that he was still keenly aware that Ghostbusters 2 hadn’t turned out like he had expected. He said that he had liked the original script for the movie and had looked forward to working with Annie Potts – who played Janine Meltniz – and Rick Moranis – who played Louis Tully – again. The end result was very different from the movie that Murray thought he’d be making however, and this had made him cagey about doing a third.

He also seemed a little turned off by what he thought the motivation behind the third movie was. He saw it as an attempt to give the franchise some new visibility and introduce it to a new audience. He said that Sony still made money on the movies, even after all this time, and that it wanted to keep it going.

Source: via Screen Rant

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