After more than 20 years of waiting, Billy Dee Williams will finally play Two-Face.

2014’s The LEGO Movie was a surprise hit. News of sequels and spinoffs soon spawned, and the next chapter of the franchise, The LEGO Batman Movie, will hit theaters in February of 2017. Today on Twitter, we learned one semi-important bit of casting news: Billy Dee Williams will voice Two-Face in the movie.

Why does this matter? Well, fans of the live-action Batman movies will note that Williams played Harvey Dent in the 1989 Tim Burton film, but never got the chance to turn into the villainous Two-Face. The role was then given to Tommy Lee Jones in 1995’s Batman Forever. Williams was paid in order for the role to be recast.

So, fans, you’ll finally get to see, at least in an even jokier, less-serious movie, what Williams would have done as Two-Face. That should be exciting news.

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