Along with the standard monetary chat during Take-Two’s latest quarterly earnings conference call, the publisher has unveiled a release date for the upcoming BioShock 2.

The game, which sees players returning to the undersea dystopia of Rapture, this time in the guise of a hulking Big Daddy, hits retail in Europe on October 30, with the North American version arriving on November 3.

Though the platforms which will play host to the game are still officially “to be announced,” it’s almost guaranteed that the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms will see BioShock 2 at some point.

The only question now is whether Microsoft or Sony will pony up the cash for some sort of exclusivity deal.

You may recall that the first BioShock debuted on the Xbox 360 much to the chagrin and envy of PS3 owners, but given Take-Two’s propensity for levying properties to best maximize profit potential it only makes sense to unleash this guaranteed blockbuster on as many platforms as possible.

Or, at the very least, to hit up Microsoft for some seriously fat sacks covered in dollar signs and embroidered sequins.

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