If you somehow have managed to avoid playing BioShock and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for this long, well, 2K and Bethesda sure have a deal for you: a bundle of the two games that’ll only run you $40 or $30.

I can understand if you’ve never played both BioShock and Oblivion. I’ve played the former, but not the latter. But I’d have a hard time believing that if you are the kind of person who is interested in this form of entertainment that we call “vidyagames” that you haven’t played either of them. Well, if you are that kind of person and don’t want to be anymore, you’re about to save some money.

2K and Bethesda are bundling the two games together on PC for the price of $29.99 and $39.99 on Xbox 360. If you were to buy copies of both games new, it would run you roughly $50 on 360 and $40 on PC, so consider this something of a $10 discount on both platforms.

What’s the rationale for bundling these two vastly different games – one a hugely open-ended fantasy RPG and the other a brainy FPS that takes place underwater, if you didn’t know – aside from squeezing some cash out of value-minded gamers? Well, if you take 2K’s spin for it, they both have amassed a huge amount of awards, with Oblivion dubbed “Game of the Year” (I don’t know by who, it just is, okay?) for 2006, and BioShock for 2007.

“With a combined bounty of more than 80 Game of the Year awards from the industry’s top publications” this may very well be the critically-acclaimed-est bundle in the recent history of videogame bundles. Consider it The Game of the Year 2006-7 Edition or The Susan Arendt’s Favorite Games Compilation, or just consider it two pretty good games for the price of one new one.

The bundle ships on July 7.

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