What happens when you jump from the city in the sky?

BioShock Infinite removes the series from the underwater depths of Rapture and places it in the sky-high city of Columbia. Columbia’s a beautiful city, assuming you’re not afraid of heights; the floating metropolis amongst the clouds often gives a glimpse of the depths below, though usually it’s just more clouds and blue sky. So what happens when you fall from Columbia? This fan video may have the answer.

As those who have played Infinite and either jumped or slipped off the city know, this doesn’t actually happen normally in the game, so it’s not easy to get this look at Columbia. The accompanying music, which the Youtube page identifies as “River was Filled With Stories” by World’s End Girlfriend, adds a nice touch, giving the video a calm, serene feeling… well, until Booker’s journey down reaches its abrupt ending.

It’s unclear whether this is a glitch or a mod of some sort, though the weird jump at around the 13-second mark makes me think it’s the latter. Still, it gives a beautiful view of Columbia from a completely different viewpoint, and it’s worth watching for those who, like me, can’t get enough of BioShock Infinite.

Source: awdofgum

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