BioShock Infinite’s Heavy-Hitting Handyman Steps Into the Light


It’s time for a look at the towering Handyman, the second of BioShock Infinite’s “Heavy Hitters.”

If the Motorized Patriot is kind of creepy, the Handyman is downright frightening. The second of the BioShock Infinite “Heavy Hitters” to come to light, the Handyman is an absolute beast. He’s huge, he’s powerful and he’s fast; he’s such a badass that even other BioShock Infinite bad guys get nervous when he’s around.

“They can pick up AIs, like friends or foes, and they can toss them at people,” explained Creative Director Ken Levine. “So I think that everybody around them finds them quite terrifying, including sometimes your enemies, because they just become tools of the Handyman to get at Booker.”

Lead Artist Shawn Robertson said inspiration for the design of the character came in part from toys of the era, in particular the porcelain dolls that were meticulously crafted for realism but couldn’t quite pull it off, creating what he described as ” the original incarnation of the uncanny valley.” The Handyman will also be a “tragic character,” although Levine added that he wants gamers to discover the specifics of their sadness for themselves.

BioShock Infinite is currently scheduled to come out on October 16 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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