BioShock Movie Not Dead, Says Levine


It might have stalled over money concerns, but Ken Levine says that the BioShock movie is still being worked on.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the BioShock movie was pretty much done for, what with it losing a director and then getting caught in a budgetary snare, but Irrational’s Ken Levine says the despite these problems, the movie is still very much an active concern.

Speaking to Chad Dukes on Washington DC radio station 106.7 The Fan, Levine said that the movie industry was complicated and it wasn’t a sure thing that the movie would ever get made, but that it was still being talked about and still being worked on. He added that there were difficulties associated with translating the game into a movie, but that it had been very interesting to get the perspectives of people like director-turned-producer Gore Verbinski and writer John Logan on what they thought those difficulties were. His main concern was making sure that the movie did the source material justice, while at the same time taking the “cipher” that was BioShock’s protagonist Jack and making him into a well-rounded and interesting character.

It’s hard to know how to feel about the troubles facing the movies as BioShock is one of those games that both would and wouldn’t be great on film. From a visual point of view it would be stunning – as long as the budget was there, which has proven to be a sticking point – but there’s an awful lot to fit in to just a couple of hours. John Logan has been nominated for two Oscars – one for Gladiator and one for The Aviator – so the script is in good hands, but should the movie ever make it to theatres, there’s going to be quite a lot that has to be trimmed away.

Source: via Kotaku

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