2K Games has announced that the PC version of the BioShock demo will be released tonight.

A post on the Cult of Rapture website says the demo will be made available at 7:00 pm EDT, with “exclusive pre-loading” at FilePlanet; however, a “leak” led to the demo being briefly available earlier in the day, resulting in its proliferation across other sites on the web. The demo weighs in at just under two gigabytes, and is very much in demand despite the imminent release of the full game.

The message also strongly recommends installing the latest video drivers from ATI and nVidia to ensure the best possible performance. At least some feedback on the 2K forums has indicated the game performs poorly with outdated drivers.

Ken Levine, creative director of BioShock, has also posted a message in the 2K forums urging gamers to stay away from forums that may contain spoilers, and to keep the game’s secrets to themselves to avoid spoiling others. “If you’re going to buy the game this week, I highly recommend you stay away from forums that might have spoilers until you play the game through,” he wrote. “Our goal in making the game was to thrill and, often, surprise you.”

“Please don’t ruin other people’s experience by revealing secrets in unmarked threads, and if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest, stay away from any threads that might ruin the fun for you. With a game like BioShock, it will really make a difference.”

The Xbox 360 version of the demo was released last week.

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