BioWare: No Regrets About Leaving Baldur’s Gate Behind


As a new Baldur’s Gate game looks more and more unlikely to happen, gamers might lament the passing of that classic BioWare series, but the developers themselves have “no regrets” about leaving the franchise in the past.

It’s pretty much a sure thing that BioWare’s never going to revisit the Baldur’s Gate franchise again. “The Baldur’s Gate and Dungeons and Dragons property is of course controlled by Atari, and owned originally by Hasbro, so it’s a complicated, convoluted way of getting there,” BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk told VideoGamer in an interview. It’s just not going to happen, but BioWare has no problems with that. Instead of making another Baldur’s Gate game, they just created a spiritual successor. That’s Dragon Age: Origins.

But gamers have such fond memories of Baldur’s Gate, memories that nobody wants to let go of, so must BioWare share the same nostalgia, right? Asked if he would ever consider revisiting the series, Zeschuk was a bit unsure: “Maybe. The things we miss more than anything else are some of the characters we created. It’s frustrating – like Minsc and some of the other characters we built over the years – not being able to continue to stem that is a bit frustrating.”

His overwhelming sentient, however, was that his studio completed the narrative arc of the Baldur’s Gate universe in the Baldur’s Gate 2 expansion, Throne of Baal, and that “we feel like we finished our work at that time.”

It’s a shame there will never be another Baldur’s Gate, but there’s no looking back for BioWare. “No, we don’t have regrets,” Zeschuk said.

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