BioWare producer Mark Darrah has asked fans if they would play a Dragon Age tactical RPG spin-off.

Tactical RPGs are all the rage these days, with XCOM 2 and Fire Emblem Fates being released to fairly positive reviews. This has got BioWare producer Mark Darrah to thinking: what about a Dragon Age tactical RPG? “”Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?” asked Darrah on Twitter, with 48% of people responding that yes, yes they would.

In a separate Tweet, he confirmed that this potential Dragon Age game would be a turn-based affair, ala XCOM and Fire Emblem. He also clarified that if this game were to happen, it would not replace the mainline Dragon Age series.

He also stated that it would be a “full game” dispelling a concern from a fan that it would be a “microtransaction generator” like The Last Court or Heroes of Dragon Age.

Darrah seems pretty keen on the idea and to be honest, so do I. I’m a big fan of tactical RPGs like XCOM, and seeing the same concept taken to Dragon Age sounds like a perfect match.

Source: Twitter via GameSpot

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