BioWare Unleashes Dragon Age: Origins Launch Trailer


BioWare has unveiled the launch trailer for the upcoming RPG epic Dragon Age: Origins, an action-packed battle between a horde of Darkspawn and a small band of warrior questing for the Sacred Ashes.

Four intrepid warriors making their way across a jagged, snow-covered mountain on a search for the Sacred Ashes is suddenly attacked by an onrushing mob of Darkspawn bent on their destruction. With a devastating mix of swords and sorcery, the heroes battle back and turn the tide, until the arrival of a giant dragon throws everything into chaos.

You’re not alone if you get the feeling that you’ve seen this somewhere before: There’s more than just a hint of Fellowship of the Ring in this trailer. And I’m not sure how impressed I’m really supposed to be with this dragon when it’s kissing the canvas 28 seconds after it shows up. It sure is pretty, though. Check it out in all its glory on YouTube.

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