BioWare Unveils New Mass Effect 2 Character


BioWare has taken the wraps off the third new member of the Mass Effect 2 cast, a self-described “badass biotic bitch” known as Subject Zero.

It’s hard to glean too much of a person’s character from a minute and a half of of spliced-up video clips, but here’s what we can tell about Subject Zero, the latest potential member of Commander Shepard’s crew to be revealed by BioWare: She gets off on violence, talks like a half-drunken sailor, calls the shots in the sack and looks rather disturbingly like Lt. Ilia in a camo bodysuit. She shoots things, throws them around, blows them up, punches them in the face; Commander Shepard himself says, “She’s dangerous, powerful and extremely violent; exactly what I’m looking for.”

Subject Zero joins Grunt, a “reckless, unpredictable and irrationally violent” Krogan who was revealed in August, and Thane, a hyper-violent ninja assassin who first came to light at E3 in June. And while there’s still lots of room left on Shepard’s team, I can’t help but notice that at this point it looks less like an elite unit of top-level intergalactic operatives and more like a heavily armed, psychotic goon squad. I have no doubt that they’re handy in a fight but not every Commander Shepard in the great, wide multiverse is going to want to resolve every dilemma he meets by shooting people in the face.

via: Joystiq

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