BioWare Will Continue to Make PS3 Games


After its experience with Dragon Age: Origins. BioWare is to continue developing games for the PS3.

Traditionally, BioWare has been fairly focused on Microsoft platforms, whether the PC or the Xbox, but following the multi-platform release of Dragon Age: Origins, the company seems keen to continue to work on titles for the PS3.

“We have quite a few people working in-house,” said co-founder Greg Zeschuk. “We think it’s one of the key platforms, obviously, so we’re definitely going to be doing PS3 … It was great going through the experience of making Dragon Age, getting familiar with and understanding the PS3. Again, every platform is different, but now I think we’re at the position where future PS3 stuff will be really solid.”

It seems likely that future BioWare projects will appear on the PS3 as well as on the Xbox 360 and PC, which is good news, both for BioWare, and for Sony aficionados.

Source: 1up

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