Weird-but-nifty indie first-person brawler Zeno Clash is finally making its way to XBLA next week after several stumbles. Who doesn’t want to knock out enemies by punting a pig into them?

Zeno Clash is an incredibly original game. It’s a first-person brawler set in one of the most bizarre and surreal fantasy worlds ever seen in gaming – and despite its weirdness, its also quite good. Once you get the hang of the fighting it’s very brutal, visceral and entertaining, and I will probably treasure the moment I punted a pig into an enemy’s face to knock him out as long as I remember it.

After some setbacks, Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition is now finally making it onto Xbox Live next week courtesy of Atlus. The Ultimate Edition has an overhauled and tweaked combat system – you can see the “awareness” system they added in the trailer above – as well as some co-op play and a character gallery to see the cast in all its full, grotesque glory.

No word on pricing just yet, but as the original PC title was $20, it’s likely that Zeno Clash won’t break the bank. Plus, developer ACE Team is a small indie team working out of love with a great take on pirates. No reason not to show ’em some love, right?

Update: It’ll be 1200 MS Points, or $15. Sounds fair.


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