As this video will so amply demonstrate, nothing brings out the best in humanity like the festive holiday combination of Black Friday, Wal-Mart shoppers and a single, solitary palette of Xbox 360s.

There’s not much to say about this one: A swarm of crazed shoppers throw themselves at a stack of Xbox 360/Guitar Hero bundles like a school of piranha attacking a fat cow in a disgusting exposure of human nature stripped down to its most contemptible instincts. Apparently the real reason it’s called “Black Friday” is because of the stain it leaves on the souls of people who get caught up in it. At least this fracas didn’t result in a body count.

The original video posted at Xbox 360 Fanboy has been pulled, but fortunately a slightly edited version is still available on YouTube. Congratulations to everyone who took part; the example you set for your children and others around you will no doubt inspire the next generation of cheeseburger-sucking meatheads to even greater heights of selfish, callous and reprehensible behavior.

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