Brace yourself for the greatest Call of Duty weapons innovation of all time: bacon!

“Bacon to right of them, bacon to left of them, bacon behind them, greasy and crisp!”

Get ready to ride into the valley of tangy taste, folks, because today’s rollout of microtransactions in the online shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops II is headlined by nothing less than bacon – the Bacon Personalization Pack! After all, nothing says “hot, screaming death” like cured meat fried up good and crispy, am I right?

For the low, low price of 160 Microsoft points, which works out to about two bucks in the real world, you can now wrap your favorite firearm in everyone’s favorite breakfast meat. And what does putting bacon on your gun actually accomplish, you ask? It puts bacon on your gun! I can’t believe I have to explain this. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter, or Batman and Robin, or Keanu Reeves and John Malkovich. Bacon and guns!

Along with the weapon camo, Personalization Packs also include three targeting reticules and a custom calling card. Other optional add-ons launched today include the Extra Slots Pack, which offers ten “Create-a-Class” slots per game mode and expanded media storage, and Flag of the World Calling Card Packs. But who cares? Bacon on your guns, people! Bacon!

So let not the glory fade, of these tasty weapons made in grease, bubbling and fried; “Give us bacon,” they cried!


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