Black Ops Team Invades GOG Headquarters


Oh no! An elite black ops team has broken into the GOG offices and stole its top secret plans for future launches! What could it mean?

Good Old Games has been on a roll lately with the releases of Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale, earning back the trust and love of gamers around the world who were left hurt and angry by that “going out of business” debacle a couple of months ago. But that’s all at risk now thanks to a covert black ops team that broke into the GOG offices last night and stole its eyes-only plan for future releases. What the sinister mastermind behind this operation intends to do with this ultra-valuable information remains unknown, but fortunately GOG was able to intercept video of the entire operation as it unfolded. The search for clues is underway as we speak.

For those feeling the gentle sting of confusion, this is actually just the latest PR stunt from GOG, the digital distribution outfit that sets the standard for crazy, cheesy, downright loveable marketing. A lot of people will no doubt disagree with the last part of that assessment when it comes to GOG’s infamous announcement that it was going out of business, which actually turned out to be an incredibly ill-conceived idea to attract attention to its emergence from beta. GOG quickly apologized for that mess with a hilariously awful video featuring two monks seeking penance for their sins; some folks are still a little touchy about the whole thing but others, myself included, appreciate GOG’s willingness to throw common sense and sanity out the window in favor of doing whatever seems like a good idea at any given moment.

Now, of course, it’s time to get on with the interesting theories and wild speculation that inevitably follows this sort of stunt. Is it simply a way to siphon off some attention from the hype over today’s release of Call of Duty: Black Ops? Is another big announcement on the way? Can we expect something stealth oriented – or steam oriented? Let the guessing games begin!

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